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About Us

Munyon Trucking Inc. is a Southern California Corporation that has provided trucking & material transportation services since 2017.  Hauling by the ton, by the load, or by the hour our services are available to Import and Export material from a homeowner one truck project to a multi-truck State funded or Federal project.  With 30 years in the extended Industry, we provide great quality work so that our customers can complete their projects on time and on budget. Munyon Trucking Inc. maintains the importance of the customer's needs by providing high-quality services at fair and market-competitive prices.  

Munyon Trucking Inc. is AB5 Compliant and Certified Payroll compliant with both the DIR and LCP Tracker.  All Super-10 Dump Trucks are CARB Compliant and maintain the highest level of compliance with safety rules, regulations, and maintenance.  

Our Projects

Local Work, CA

Munyon Trucking Inc. is available to import/export materials for Commercial and Private

Emergency Cleanup, Warehouse Remodel, Private Property, Schools, Landscaping etc...


Emergency Work, CA

Munyon Trucking Inc. has provided services in aiding with the cleanup of damaged neighborhoods that were affected by the tragic fire in Sonoma County, California and aided with the cleanup from the horrific mudslides in Santa Barbara California.

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